Friday, November 23, 2012

Cucuk sini sana.

Hahaha guess what? Im staying here for another night. Throughout the day, had two sessions of physio which was torturing. Had to do some lifting, moving etc.
The pain never goes away unless  i sleep. Sucks, kan? So theres basically 4 holes around my knee. Painkiller in the tablet form doesnt work at all. So since yesterday, ive been injected for about 7 times at various parts  of my body.
Mummy Su, puppy Su, puppy Rus, the kids n nenek came to visit. Katanya visiting hours10am to 10pm. But they stayed till 12am so relek je. Had a great laugh with them. Really grateful that they came, at least i could distract myself from my throbbing knee.
InsyaAllah discharge petang esok.
Till we meet again,

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