Thursday, November 22, 2012

Excruciating pain.

Operation ended around 5.30pm or so yesterday. Dr Yong managed to do the replacement. But he discovered that there was a miniscus tear. My MRI result didnt detect it. So basically he added another procedure to the entire surgery.
Like i worried earlier, the after effect is really overwhelming. I can barely move. Sitting up straight is torture. The pain is continuous. Since my body was put under some heavy painkillers, my muscles have gone all haywire.
I felt like urinating last night. Since i cant move, the nurses gave a thing (like mangkuk tandas) for me to pee in. Um, in a laying down position i tried but my muscles werent helping. Never took so much effort in peeing.
So this morning, the nurses asked if nak try jalan to the toilet. I agreed. Sakit dia ya Allah. Hmm.
Im using all my strength to not be a baby and just cope with the pain. Aihh.
Pray for me eh?

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