Monday, July 10, 2017

Eyes Wide Closed

I used to have sparkling crystals reflected on my wide opened iris,
Awaiting the unknown to unveil itself.
It was there for quite some time,
Until the fuel to combust the fire dried up.

I came to realize that realizing drains the child out of you,
Once you’ve realized that it’s no longer about wanting things freely.
Before, you had the whole field to lie on, rolling up and down tirelessly,
Then you come to an age where your eyes see beyond the green grass and clear dews.
Layer by layer, it peals itself and escapes those coated eyes of yours,
You now see the thorns of the stem, the dirt in your nails, and the edge of the cliff.
And you’re no longer free to wish, you’re no longer free to desire.

Because now, you’re scared.

You’re scared to feel, you’re scared to try and you’re scared to want.
I was awoken five years ago to see beyond the opaque walls,
But I’m now awaken to see the cracks and dusts of the wall.

And I don’t know if it’s good or not anymore.

At the moment who is hopeless,

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