Sunday, December 25, 2016


of course it's scary

putting yourself out there again, anticipating the worst, it's either a new wound, or you're scrapping off old dried blood on that scar

being hopeful is all that you intend to be but you end up being hard dry and provoking just to build up that wall that you yourself are sick of

a single second could change from what was before to what is going to happen, and you wait. you wait for it to happen

not because you want it to happen, but just to say to yourself later, if it does happen, "the cut isn't that deep."

throwing yourself on a bed full of roses but darn it you forget all about the thorns.
of course its scary, but lol whats life without a lil risk ay?

of course its scary, but you just do it anyway

 of course it's fckn scary, but it's not like we aren't used to falling.

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