Wednesday, October 22, 2014

90210 Selayang

Well since I have the time, why not?

Yesterday, we (the St Mary gang) made a surprise birthday celebration for Gaya & Mia at Wondermilk, Publika. Big thanks to Rya for the idea, kalau tak, I don't think we would even gather.

Oh btw, I just got my lens fixed so excuse the excitement. Rindu guna camera lol kbai. Those were the decoration (balloons je pun kbai).

While waiting for them, you know....

Boleh tak midway tulis blog aku dah malas nak sambung? T.T
Itu jela, bye!

(The way I'm writing this entry is like I actually have followers who read my blog, like they bother about my whereabouts, haha Fir get real)

Still with love,

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