Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Go for it

When it feels like it's creeping over that warm and beating heart of yours, those veins of anxiety and adrenaline, you feel it tightening and so slowly and gradually, it has got your heart.

Also, when it feels like somehow your mind is occupied by paintings you painted with your eyes, filled with that particular smile and the echo of that particular laugh, God that face. Your mind seems empty but when it crosses your mind, you follow the ray of happiness into another land you dream of.

When you feel it, go for it.

If you feel it, ask questions to show interest, highlight those things that were never meant to be mentioned and surprise that heart that you want so badly. Little things, big romantic gestures, go for it. Make the smile on that person's face carved because of you.

Go for it if you feel the same way I do.
If you feel it.

When you feel it, go for it,

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