Thursday, January 2, 2014

I am indecisive and I am scared.

Have you ever felt unmindful? Utterly clueless? Yeah, I'm feeling it right now.

At this very second, you are content. You are happy and finally you are at ease. But something is missing. Something is just not right. That slight itch of damn dissatisfaction. 

Do you go and search for the missing piece to make it complete or do you want to be 'ok' with what you have now? Do you go back to your past and dig that missing piece out or are you going to remain calm? This continuous cruel cycle doesn't stop and it just wears you out. And you become terrified. Petrified. Simple, dead scared. Is this missing piece going to make 'it' complete as you hope or is it going to be the devil,

and ruin your happiness?


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