Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Proned to injuries kind of girl.

So tomorrow's the day of my surgery. What surgery you may ask? So basically, I had hurted myself during a netball practice causing a torn ligament.
So what Dr Yong's going to do tomorrow is simply replacing the damaged and torn ligament with my hamstring since apparently, we have four hamstrings in our legs. He's going to permanently put a titanium in my knee for security of the hamstring.
Sounds gorry? Haha takdelah. But I'm more anxious about the after effect of the procedure. I'll be on crutches for more than a month. Let's pray its less than that. Plus, I need to go for physiotherapy to get my normal walking pattern back. And the thing that worry me the most is the possibility to not perform well in sports.
There's no guarantee that I'll perform as well as before. Now that would suck bad, don't ya think? Cause it involves my movement entirely. I'm praying that it wont be affected.
Well wish me luck guys. May God bless.

P/S : The photo taken over there was a day after my unfortunate accident. I still followed the troop to Kelantan for hksbp bola jaring. Didnt play of course. Had fun.

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