Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Im back? Lol

      Hey there everyone who is kind enough to visit my blog. Im not even certain if this blog thing is still the 'in' thing. Do people read blogs anymore?! Lol im not even sure myself. I decided to open up this blog simply because its the holidays! And i have time for this blogging thing. Thats it basically.
      Diaries failed me a few times.
     An addition to my house is this random cat who belongs to someone (it has a collar) but comes to my house as if its ownerless. Faii started calling her Nala and the rest is history. I now feel obliged to feed her. And to layan her. I dont mind its just that i got no cat food. So i fed her some salmon and biscuits? Lol.
Thats it i guess.

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