Monday, September 21, 2015

Number 2.

Intersecting into a person’s life happens for two reasons. You make an impact on them, or the other way around. I believe His signs and hidayah come in many forms. A dream? A thought? A friend? A teacher? A stranger? Your decision to use the stairs instead of the elevator? That stupid guy who didn’t bloody signal? You name it.

It is in us where we feel the need to feel significant. The need to appear impactful. The need to feel valued. 

So you try to help whenever and wherever and whatever you can. You feel you can make a change in a person. For a while, you feel like you’re God sent to make things better. For a while you figure you mattered. 

But what happens when this person doesn’t put you in that spot. This person doesn’t make you as a variable that controls the results. This person doesn’t make you a factor in the equation.
It’s simple to understand. Let’s say we have the number 4. There are perhaps infinite possibilities to get that number 4. We have 2+2=4. We also have 4 x 1=4 etc.

Things would not matter if you’re not that number 2 in that first equation or if you’re not that number 1 in the second equation. 

Same goes to human beings.

This person has decided that only one person can determine, affect, change, and benefit him/herself. And you’re not that one person. You were put into a state of hopefulness where you felt like you might be a determining factor in that person’s life, in a zone of deception, only to find out you can’t be as impactful as you want to be. You can’t be important as how you put this person at the top of your list.

So in this case, do I make an impact in this person’s life or vice versa? Beause all this while, I felt like it was a responsibility. But to find out how insignificant I was. Breaks a hopeful heart into a million pieces.

What do I do now? Do I stay and let things be though it doesn’t go in parallel with my stands? Or do I move on because at the end of the day, I will never be that number 2.

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