Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Try It Guys. Look into the Book.

Was watching Afiq Mohammad's Dawah Till Jannah video on
"Pentingkah Dakwah?"

Then he brought up this hadith below.

 Alhamdulillah, I got the message and everything. I saw the importance of dawah.

However, something triggered me. I somehow realized a little mistake that I failed to notice. People would normally, usually, occasionally, frequently (lol) come to me  for advice cos they say Im good at giving em. Wallahualam. Tipu semua tu kbai but aku pun yakin lah kan kasi nasihat mcm pro.

Whether it has connection with the hadith or not, it came into my mind as an issue and a thought that I had to ponder on. 

So I did.

I have never ever, not even once in my lifetime did ever use the hadith above as my reference. I honestly had this perception that hey, I have experience, I understand those feelings, and frankly, I was in doubt on the credibility of the quran and hadith on giving me the answer simply because, can it be applied to every different problem?

That was exactly how I felt about giving advices and also seeking for answers. I would normally alternate to deep thoughts or ask various opinions from various people. But never really finding the answer. Normally it would just go to the extent of 'sedapkan hati' rather than it is the right thing to do or vice versa.

Never did I used the ayahs (proof) in the quran to advice the people who came to me. Without realizing, the book has it all. It's astonishing to finally experience it yourself that the Quran answers to all of our questions, it's a beautiful feeling to have the chance to feel it. The triumph of finding the answer. It feels victorious.

Giving advices or finding solutions for yourself. 

He has it ALL.

Yang bajet kasi good nasihat,

(picture was taken in Kuantan, Pahang)


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