Monday, December 3, 2012



Hey there. Started my intensive tuition at Aunty Mas' today. Productive and interesting. Like always. Aunty gets the best teachers, period. Had some new faces and definitely the old ones haha. Rindu pmr.

Sooo Adlinur Lam(pu) came to give me a visit. And gosh did we talk. Hahah we just had so many to share and to catch up with. Nak bagitau cakap apa panjang sangat lah pulak.

Hahaha but one thing made me realise today that friendships, like real and true friendships are hard to get. Just talking with Ad made me realise a lot of matters.

One problem I have is that I tend to be close to everyone. Like everyone. I thought it'd be better. It is nice rather than just sticking to a clique. But this actually made me blind in thinking that everyone could be a bestfriend. Not that Im complaining about my girlfriends but it's undeniable. You can't force anyone to like you. Plus, nobody's pefect. She probably sucks at being my bff but boleh dgn yg lain. Cam tu ah.

The thing is now I get stuck, when I commit myself to so many people.

Mummy agrees with me. I'm not wise in choosing a friend. Lol. And I put myself to jeopardy. But I refuse to make a huge fuss out of it because I have and I believe I still have my real friends with me. I might not realize it but I have faith.

So being optimistic is the only thing there is to offer, you see.

Till the next time,

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