Thursday, December 13, 2012



I see people talking about their beliefs. I see people admiring the miracles that happen around them. The moment when they are at their own definition of joy and satisfaction.

I envy that.

Islam has got to be the most beautiful thing that is ever related to my life. So breathtaking, so sacred. I'm fortunate. I don't know if it is just me but I haven't seen the real beauty of Islam. I know its there. I feel it but it just has not gone into me. Faham tak?

Its my job to achieve that feeling. The feeling of such faith in Islam. If you know Dena Bahrin, she could be an example who has seen the beauty of Islam, I believe. Just reading her tweets, inspires me.

Cause I think to actually accept Islam, to love Islam is to be Islam. And its a damn long way to go for me. Following His orders should not be a problem.

You might see me under my hijab but am I wearing it right? You might see me saying I love my parents but am I walking my talk? You might see me praying 5 times a day but am I sincere?

Now these are the things that are the challenges. The second steps of every order. Kan? I hope I do get that feeling one day, InsyaAllah. To be consistent is my goal. Istiqamah.

May our lives are blessed by His blessings and care for He is the Most Loving and Most Forgiving.

Tillt the next time,

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